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2013 Tournament Listings

Content from: District 7 Tournaments page

 Baseball - 2013

 Softball - 2013

 City Minor Championships (House teams)  City Minor Softball District #7 Championships
 Date:  June 19 - 24  Date: June 24 - June 28
 Hosted by: Lakehill Little League   (Local Info)  Hosted by: Beacon Hill Little League
 9-10 Year Old District #7 Championships  Major Softball Dist/Prov Championships
 Date: June 28 - July 7  Date: July 15 - July 17
 Hosted by: National Little League  Hosted by: Hampton Little League
 9-10 Year Old Provincial Championships  Major Softball Canadian Championships
 Date: July 13 - July 21  Date: August 1 - August 5
 Hoted by: Layritz Little League  Hosted by: Layritz Little League
 11-12 Year Old District #7 Championships  Major Softball World Series
 Date: July 8 - July 14  Date: August 8 - August 14
 Hosted by: Hampton Little League  Hosted by: Portland, Oregon, Alpenrose Stadium
 11-12 Year Old Provincial Championships  Junior Softball Dist/Prov Championships
 Date: July 20 - July 28  Date: n/a     Combined Team of Hampton
 Hosted by: Vancouver Westside, Kerrisdale, Elm Park  Hosted by:    & Layritz goes directly to Canadians
 11-12 Year Old Canadian Championships  Junior Softball Canadian Championships
 Date: Aug 2 -Aug 11  Date: Aug 5 - Aug 8
 Hosted by:  Glace Bay, Nova Scotia  Hosted by: Saint John, New Brunswick, Memorial Park
 Little League World Series  Junior Softball World Series
 Date: Aug 15 - Aug 25  Date: Aug 11 - Aug 17
 Hosted by: LLI, Williamsport, Pennsylvania  Hosted by: Kirkland Washington, Everest Park
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 Central Saanich Little League  Layritz Little League
 Hampton Little League  Lakehill Little League
 National Little League  Beacon Hill Little League