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LIBA 2019 Board Members

A new board was elected at the 2020 Season AGM
(held at Layritz Bantam Field on Sunday, June 23rd, 2018 after Closing Ceremony).

All Executive members at LIBA are volunteers who generously volunteer their time to run the organization.

Name Position eMail Phone
Martin Barbour President President@LayritzBaseball.com  
Brewis Lomax Vice-President VP@LayritzBaseball.com  
Rich Pearson Treasurer Treasurer@LayritzBaseball.com  
Tanya Haines Secretary Secretary@LayritzBaseball.com  
Andrew Aitchison Umpire-in-Chief Umpire@LayritzBaseball.com  
- Umpire Allocator
(role centralized to GVBA)
Brewis Lomax PeeWee Rep PeeWee@LayritzBaseball.com   
Scott Notenberg Bantam Rep Bantam@LayritzBaseball.com  
Mark Baxter Midget Rep Midget@LayritzBaseball.com  
Martin Barbour SIBL Rep SIBL@LayritzBaseball.com  
Mark Baxter Player Agent PlayerAgent@LayritzBaseball.com  
Joseph Gonyeau Sponsorships / Fundraising Sponsorhips@LayritzBaseball.com  
Scott Notenberg WebSite WebMaster@LayritzBaseball.com  
VACANT Groundskeeper Grounds@LayritzBaseball.com  
Troy Dunning Uniforms / Assorted Uniforms@LayritzBaseball.com  
Martin Barbour Equipment Equipment@LayritzBaseball.com  
Brewis Lomax Field Allocator Field-Allocator@LayritzBaseball.com  
Hollis Hodson Member at Large
(on leave)

This list is accurate as of  October 29th, 2019.
Anyone interested in filling in any vacancies or just helping out any of our please contact Volunteers@LayritzBaseball.com.