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Welcome to the Concession


The Layritz Concession is known city wide for its great food. Many families look forward to concession (oops, we meant ball) season. Even our non-ball playing neighbours are often spotted having a meal.

All concession revenues are utilized for the operation of the ball programs and further facility improvements. The batting cage was financed through concession revenue. 

Everyone in the Park, including the concession, are volunteers.  The volunteer cooks turn out good food with a consistent high quality. Each family is asked to contribute by working a minimum of one session per player during the season.  It is important for individuals to arrive for their scheduled shift on time and to fulfill their responsibilities during the entire shift.

As the concession is a food preparation and processing area, it is appreciated that young children not be in attendance in the concession. Thank you in advance to the individuals who assist in providing additional help when we are in need.  If you are willing to have your name on our contact list for those occasions when we are in need, please contact, concession@layritz.ca, or stop by the concession.

Once again, special thanks to the cooking team for helping to make the Layritz Concession "#1" far and wide.