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Rule 23 - Pitching Rules (2014)

Rule 23: Pitching Rules
23.01 Number of Pitches and Required Rest
Division Spring Season Single or Summer Season
10U & 11U
1-25 Pitches = No Rest
26-40 Pitches = 2 Night Rest
41-55 Pitches = 3 Nights Rest
56-65 Pitches = 4 Nights Rest
66-75 Pitches = 5 Nights Rest
75 Pitches Maximum in a Day
Same as spring numbers.
1-35 pitches = no rest
36-55 pitches = 2 nights rest
56-75 pitches = 3 nights rest
1-45 pitches = no rest
46-70 pitches = 2 nights rest
71-85 pitches = 3 nights rest
1-35 pitches = no rest
36-65 pitches = 2 nights rest
66-85 pitches = 3 nights rest
1-45 pitches = no rest
46-75 pitches = 2 nights rest
76-95 pitches = 3 nights rest
1-45 pitches = no rest
46-65 pitches = 2 nights rest
66-100 pitches = 3 nights rest
1-50 pitches = no rest
51-75 pitches = 2 nights rest
76-115 pitches = 3 nights rest
(105 for 18U AA)
Note #2: Pitches thrown in warm-up, bullpen, or ruled no pitch by the umpire
because time was called prior to the pitch, or thrown when ruled no pitch due to a
balk do not count towards pitch count.
Note #3: Pitch count is recorded after each game. A pitcher who requires rest after
the first game of the day cannot pitch in the second game. Example: A 15U
(Bantam) AAA pitcher who throws 50 pitches in game one is ineligible to pitch in
game two.
Note #4: “If a pitcher has two appearances in the same day his total pitch count for
the day is combined for the purpose of rest. Example 1: A 15U (Bantam) AAA
pitcher who throws 30 pitches in game one and 40 pitches in game two has thrown
70 pitches for the day and requires 2 nights rest.
Note #5: “The following is a definition of a night’s rest. Example: Pitcher requires
three nights rest after throwing a 1:00PM game on a Sunday. Pitcher rests Sunday
night, Monday night, and Tuesday night and can pitch when he wakes up on
Wednesday morning.
23.02 Exceeding Limits to Finish Batter
A pitcher is permitted to exceed the maximum limit (for a day) to complete
pitching to a batter.
Note #1: Example #1: Pitcher starts a hitter at 43 pitches. At the end of the hitter
the pitcher has thrown 47 pitches and the pitcher is removed. The pitcher’s pitch
count is recorded as 47 and he requires two nights rest. Example 2: Pitcher starts a
hitter at 93 pitches. At the end of the hitter the pitcher has thrown 97 pitches. The
pitcher must be removed and his pitch count is recorded as 95.
23.03 Pitching on Consecutive Days
Pitchers are not permitted to pitch on four (4) consecutive days. A player can only
pitch on a third (3rd) consecutive day if ALL the following conditions are met....
(i) Games are during Spring Tournaments, Summer, Single Seasons or Provincials
(ii) His/her total pitch count on the 2 previous days does not exceed the Spring
"no rest" limit for his/her division as defined under rule 23.01.
Example: A 13U pitcher may only pitch on a third (3rd) day, if his/her
combined total for days 1 and 2 does not exceed 35 pitches.
23.04 Pitching and Catching on the same day
Pitching and catching on the same day is permitted at all age divisions in league
and championship play between B.C.M.B.A. teams unless a tournament is a
Western or National hosted in B.C., in which case the current Canadian Baseball
Rule applies.
23.05 Suspended Games
If a game is suspended the pitchers rest would be determined based on the number
of pitches thrown to that point and recorded for that day. If a pitcher is ineligible to
pitch at the beginning of a game, that is suspended after the first pitch, the pitcher
remains ineligible to pitch in that game when it is completed at a later date.
Approved Rulings:
A) 13U pitcher throws 70 pitches on Thursday. Friday’s game is rained out
(prior to the first pitch) and rescheduled for Saturday. Pitcher is now
eligible to pitch in Saturday’s makeup game.
B) 13U pitcher throws 70 pitches on Thursday. Friday’s game is suspended
(after the first pitch) and is completed on Saturday. Pitcher is not eligible to
pitch in Saturday’s continued game because he was not eligible to pitch
when the game began.
C) 13U pitcher throws 70 pitches on Thursday and the game is suspended and
completed on Friday. The pitcher’s 70 pitches are recorded on their
Thursday pitch count. Pitcher is not eligible to pitch when the game is
continued on Friday because he now requires two night’s rest. If the game
was completed on Saturday the pitcher would be eligible to continue to
pitch to their maximum pitch count for a day (15 more pitches). The pitches
thrown in the completion of Saturday’s game would be recorded on the
pitcher’s Saturday pitch count.
D) 13U pitcher throws 20 pitches in the first game on Saturday. Their second
game on Saturday is suspended. When the game is completed the pitcher
could only throw a maximum of 65 pitches because based on their morning
out 65 pitches is all he could have thrown when the game began. Also, the
pitcher must be eligible to pitch when the game is completed based on their
previous day’s pitch count.
Note: These examples all use 13U summer numbers but can be applied to
any division using the appropriate numbers.
23.06 Pitcher Removed
A pitcher may not pitch twice in the same game. A pitcher who is removed for a
pinch hitter or pinch runner during an offensive inning is considered to have been
removed from the game as a pitcher for the purpose of this rule.
23.07 Rules Always in Effect
B.C.M.B.A. pitching rules are always in effect for all B.C.M.B.A. teams at all
times regardless of whether or not the event is sanctioned by the B.C.M.B.A.
B.C.M.B.A. pitching rules will not be in effect for any team participating in a
Western or National Championship where the team will be required to follow only
the regulations of that governing body.