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Welcome to the Homepage of Layritz Intermediate Baseball Association (LIBA)

N E W S    I T E M S

2020 Refunds & Interest in Summer Practice Sessions

We are refunding the 2020 Season fees (via eTransfer) that people paid for in early February 2020 due to the regular season cancellation from COVID-19.
We sent out a directed email to all registered players on June 24th, but have NOT received a majority of registrant information back (which is why we're posting on the web site now).
I forgot to put a DEADLINE date in the original email, so am asking that we receive Refund information by Sunday, July 12th 8pm.
If you have NOT already submitted this information to us, please use the online form at www.layritzbaseball.com/refundform by that date.

We will collect all this information and refund them all at once shortly after July 12th, and then deal with stragglers after that.  Thank you for your patience for our volunteers completing all this work.

On that form as well, is an expression of interest in if players might be interested in some sort of practice/clinic type, if we were able to following the current COVID guidelines (and field permits being issued by Saanich).
There are also questions on who might be interested in Coaching, Assisting, or being a Parent Helper (contact tracking), to help us maintain the 10:2 player/coach ratio with a parent helper tracking who is attending each practice (a requirement of our return to play proposal).


2020 COVID Phase-2 Reaction

Since Layritz Intermediate is a part of GVBA (Greater Victoria Baseball Association), who is a part of BC Minor Basell, who is a member of BaseballBC, we're taking direction from these "parent" bodies.

Please have a read at https://www.victoriabaseball.com/2020-covid-phase-2-reaction/

Year-Round Fundraising Opportunities - Country Grocer Receipts

Save Your Grocery Receipts
and turn them into the bins in the Bantam and Midget scoreshacks.
or bring them to the AGM.

Country Grocer, kindly MATCHES a percentage of the receipt total.
This is a phenomenal fundraising opportunity for our league.
(And is easy with those hungry, growing, ball players at home!)

A huge "Thank You" goes out to the them for their continued generosity.
Please show your appreciation by supporting them with your business.

Old & Expired News

To see NEWS ITEMS that have recently expired or have long since past...
(registration information, player clinics, umpire training, coaches clinics, general events)